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May 5, 2003

D. FERRER/A. Agassi
0-6, 7-6, 6-4

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Too hot or too soon?


Q. Too hot, the weather?

ANDRE AGASSI: It's beautiful weather out there. We've had great weather here. It's a difficult match because, I mean, the first set I was taking my chances and everything was going so well. I had some chances in the second set, you know. But when a match goes from 6-love to close in the second, just a few points decide it. He started playing much better, and I took my foot off the gas.

Q. We have a statistician here that says it's easier for a favorite to be beaten in the first round than in the second. Would you agree with him or not?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, I think every first round is dangerous everywhere. Everybody can play and you're getting used to the conditions and it's possible to not be a good day. But I have nothing to complain about. The match was in my control at the start, and I didn't quite put the match away. And he fought hard and played better in the third set.

Q. This is your first first-round loss this year?


Q. In the third set, you seemed to be either a little tired or rushing a lot. Were you tired, or was it because he was causing you troubles when he was running a lot?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, you know, with my game, I have to work very hard to be in control of the point. So if I relax a little bit, the shot that is normally high-percentage becomes dangerous. I think I was, like, from the first set to the second set, my confidence had come down and I wasn't sharp with my movement and I missed a few opportunities. But a lot had to do with the way he was playing. He was making many more balls, and I just didn't feel like I was playing the smart decision.

Q. What is more painful: To lose the first round of a tournament you won last year, or to lose the No. 1 world ranking, or to lose confidence in your game on clay now before Roland Garros?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, for me to get to No. 1 at my age was an accomplishment. To get to No. 1 during the year, it's still a very long year so we'll go back and forth again and again. But I think the most disappointing is to come to Rome and to lose first round. There's nothing good about it.

Q. Will this change your plans at all between now and Roland Garros as to what you do in between?

ANDRE AGASSI: I would imagine. Adjustments always need to be made, and certainly losing here makes me have to, you know, reconsider a few things. But I'll discuss it with Darren and try to come up with a plan that makes sense for my chances in Paris.

Q. You weren't playing Hamburg originally, were you?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, I'm entered, obviously, in the tournament. I always sort of make that decision as I go.

Q. Would you say that Ferrer is one of the many Spaniards who play more or less the same kind of game, or do you see anything different in him? What are his qualities?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, he's very fast on the court. His speed is his best weapon. Very consistent on the backhand. When you're in position, it's easier to hit the shot, so he plays a lot of percentage because he's in position. But, yeah, his speed is his best.

Q. Towards the end of the third set you missed another backhand, backhand returns. Were you feeling problems physically on that side or...?

ANDRE AGASSI: Just I think playing too dangerously, trying to play too deep, trying to hit the ball above my shoulder, just some bad decisions.

Q. Going back to the No. 1 question, during the match did you think, "I may lose the match," or, "I may lose the No. 1 position"?

ANDRE AGASSI: You have to win so many times - you have to win to be No. 1. You don't get to No. 1 by worrying about such things. You've got to worry about your opponent. So, you know, you try to be at your best. Sometimes it's not so easy. But, again, I think it's a long year. The great part for me to get to No. 1 was a little piece of history, to be the oldest to do it. But to be No. 1 for a week without being the oldest doesn't matter for me because it's the whole year. So, hopefully, this will make the good times even more special.

Q. You have been there.

ANDRE AGASSI: Hmm... (smiling).

Q. Will you be back to Rome?

ANDRE AGASSI: This is my plan, yes.

Q. And now where are you going?

ANDRE AGASSI: To take a shower (laughter). That's the most plans I have right now.

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