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January 17, 2005

A. AGASSI/D. Kindlmann
6-4, 6-3, 6-0


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Dr. Agassi, can we have a medical report?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, it held up all right. You know, today I woke up feeling the best yet since it's happened. And with the assurance that I'm not going to sort of pull anything bad, I had the green light to push through anything I might be feeling. And that's what I did, I just pushed through a bit of stiffness, and then I felt like it loosened up nicely and I was okay.

Q. Was he a good test for you, this kind of match?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, any match is a good test for me. He's a baseliner. He didn't -- he didn't have a lot of weapons, but he made you work. And I felt like, as the match went on, I was getting more and more comfortable and better. And that's sort of what I like to see when I'm out there.

Q. Do you think that was a personal record, four double-faults in one game?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, lost a little concentration there and sort of forced a few serves. That's not good. But I rebounded well. Came back with a break and found my rhythm again.

Q. You don't expect any reaction to this tomorrow morning, to the match today?

ANDRE AGASSI: As far as how my hip feels?

Q. Yes.

ANDRE AGASSI: You know, I played two hours with Tim the other day, and it pulled up good on Sunday. A bit stiffer than normal, but nothing that I can't negotiate with some antiinflammatories and a little treatment. And today it felt even better than that, so it was a bit more on my terms, the way my body was feeling. I like that. So I think it should be fine.

Q. Did you have antiinflammatories today?

ANDRE AGASSI: Oh, I'm going to have them every day. I might have them every day the rest of my life (smiling).

Q. That's a great prospect.

ANDRE AGASSI: I'll share some with you, if you want. I've got a whole stash.

Q. What is your take on The Open as your first match is through?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, it was a good start for me. You know, I needed to come out here and sort of have the concern of not -- never playing him before, it always is a bit precarious out there. It forces you to be alert to any adjustments that might need to be made. And sure enough, the first set was typical of that. I had a lot of chances to maybe even break him a few times, but couldn't quite get over the hump, then found my range and stretched the match open from there. It was a good first match for me. Have to be ready to step it up from here.

Q. You love playing here, the way the court sets up for you, the heat.

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, I've always enjoyed playing down here. I've always played well down here. Hopefully this year will be no different. You know, the first one's always the toughest because you sort of don't know what to expect. Now you know the feeling, you know where your game's at, and you just need to focus on it. That I look forward to.

Q. So, in other words, you've been around a little bit, but a first match is something different, no matter how long you've played tennis?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, I think it's more about how long it's been since you played your last match. You know, that's more of a factor than just being first round. I mean, I think first round, there's always a potential of playing somebody you never played before, first of all. And then it's been, what, eight weeks or so since I've played a live match. So that always makes a difference because no matter how hard you've prepared or how many practice sets you've put in, it always feels different, you know, with 15,000 people there, sort of match conditions. So for me it's an important one, no question. I've had more than my fair share of shockers first round.

Q. You look a little lighter. Are you? If so, does it feel any different out there?

ANDRE AGASSI: I suppose I am a little bit. Yeah, the design is to sort of be in the best shape you can. And that I do feel.

Q. Have you allowed yourself to look too much further forward in the tournament? You could meet Roger in the quarterfinals.

ANDRE AGASSI: Play Roger in the quarters means I've beaten three more players, so that's -- that would be something I'd welcome, for sure.

Q. With the injury, do you know -- have the doctors been able to tell you whether you will be able to be a hundred percent fit at that stage or always the same sort of thing?

ANDRE AGASSI: No, no, there's expectation for me to -- high expectation for me to sort of negotiate this stage of it and get better. I mean, today was great to be on the court for three sets. But, you know, again, with antiinflammatory and a little treatment, I think I can for sure get myself to a hundred percent. You just can't be there today because you do have those questions. But getting through today the way I did, not feeling it like I was hoping not to feel it, leaves me in a better position to push it day after tomorrow. Tendons are a lot more sort of manageable than muscle strains or tears.

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