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August 13, 2005

A. AGASSI/G. Gaudio
6-3, 6-4

Transcribed from taped ATP interview

ATP: Comments about the match.

ANDRE AGASSI: You try to just hit effectively through the wind so the wind doesn't mess around with the ball too much. Gaston can do the same thing because he's such a good ball striker. Today got quicker and quicker as the match went on. Happy to close it out.

ATP: In one day, have you gone from playing different opponents, Gaudio to Rusedski? What do you expect from him tonight?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, who plays like Rusedski these days? Not too often you see somebody that plays like him. He looks like he's playing great. I can see how these courts favor his type of game. He's got a pretty nasty lefty serve. He likes to get in and make you hit a target. I just want to make sure I'm controlling the parts of the match that are in my hands, like the baseline rallies, not let him get away with too many sort of saves, move the ball around too much, try to take charge and make him play a great match.

ATP: Talk about the conditions last night and coming back today? What are your thoughts about the way the match went?

ANDRE AGASSI: Last night was no wind. It lent for some real good ball-striking. Today was trickier. We both were aiming a little safer in the court. It was nice to close that one out because it was getting tougher as it went.

ATP: Your thoughts tonight about playing Greg?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, it will be a challenge. I can see why he does so well here. Great surface for his kind of game. I'll just have to control the part of the match which will be in my hands, which is the back-court stuff, and hope that he doesn't serve an outstanding match.

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