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Player Tributes to Andre


Andre AgassiJames Blake: "We're losing a legend. Andre transcended tennis. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude for what he's done for the sport. He's left his mark on tennis, but he's also done so much through his foundation and starting a school in Las Vegas that's very inspirational. He's going to be missed, but I wish him all the best."

Pete Sampras: "Andre announcing his retirement is truly the end of an era. He was one of the best players I competed against and in turn made me a better player. His longevity and desire to compete at the highest level have been remarkable. He has brought a huge amount to our sport and will be missed."

Jonas Bjorkman: "He's done so many things for tennis, he's been a great ambassador for the game, he's been around for so long and he's been at the top for so long, he's just amazing. I think everyone will miss such a high profile player like him once he retires at the US Open. Everything comes to an end and I think that's probably a good decision for him if he's feeling that the body doesn't really help him like before. He's been having a lot of problems with it lately, and probably the US open is a good finish point, where everything maybe started for him. Hopefully we get some new guys like that, we already have Roger Federer, who is just a fantastic guy and great for the game."

Maria Sharapova: "Well, I don't think there's one bad thing you can say about the guy. He's achieved so much. I mean, that guy is just a champion. It's amazing to still have someone around that's achieved so much and that's done so much for the sport."

Andy Murray: "I think when you've got a guy like him, you know, he changed tennis. He made tennis a cool sport. He made it big in America and I think he was probably one of the first tennis players to be like a worldwide, you know, famous sort of personality, really. He's huge and he obviously deserves it. He backed it up on the tennis court. He had a great personality. I think to lose someone like him is obviously a shame for the game. I think guys like him don't come around too often. So I think it's going to feel a little bit different without him being on the tour."

Lleyton Hewitt: "Obviously he'll go down as one of the most guys that changed our sport in many ways; not only the way he played the game, but the way that he conducted himself both on and off the court; the kind of character that he was for us as well. The sport probably owes a lot to him. From what I understand, it is after the US Open, I think, seems like a pretty good place, obviously, after he made a great run there last year and he had had a lot of success there, so yeah, seems like a pretty fitting place to play your last tournament."

Rafael Nadal: "He's a legend. It is very difficult to do the same like Agassi because he was very good after he go out, no, he was very top player after go out, and after come back and after he stop, come back and after that when he came back -- I think that's very difficult, very tough mentally. That's unbelievable."

Max Mirnyi: "Anytime I played against Andre on tour (0-3 head to head) or just practiced with Andre during my career he made me realize and helped me understand on what to work on within my game. So great to see him still give back to the sport that has given him so much over the years. Fantastic effort Andre, congratulations on your outstanding career and enjoy your last run."

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