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November 20, 1996


P. SAMPRAS/A. Agassi

6-2, 6-1


An interview with:




Q. Andre, Pete played some ordinary tennis. How about your game? What happened with you today?

ANDRE AGASSI: I was feeling pretty weak still and just not fit enough to be playing.


Q. So, you are still ill?



Q. We couldn't hear any of that back here, Andre.

ANDRE AGASSI: I said I was still weak today and just wasn't fit to be playing well.


Q. Was it worthwhile playing, or did you consider not to play?

ANDRE AGASSI: You never know until you get out there. You never know really.


Q. What kind of medication have you been taking?

ANDRE AGASSI: Zithromax (phonetic)- a couple - I am trying to remember the names.


Q. Is it basically a flu, a heavy cold or what?

ANDRE AGASSI: I think it is a bit of a combination. It is definitely a symptom with the stomach as well as congestion in the head as well, but it has been a few days, but it hasn't -- it is tough to get better, to come out here and to compete against the best players. It is not --


Q. How frustrating is it if you don't feel capable to compete and then play Sampras like this?

ANDRE AGASSI: It is not enjoyable to go out there like that, no.


Q. Did you think at any point about withdrawing?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, before the event, yeah.


Q. How close were you to saying I can't play?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, I didn't go to the draw the other night, and I wasn't -- just pretty close, but, you know, round-robin, you never know; if you can feel better in a couple of days, maybe something can happen.


Q. Is there any likelihood of you pulling out now, have a substitute coming in?

ANDRE AGASSI: It is possible.


Q. When will you decide? Will you need until tomorrow or --

ANDRE AGASSI: I got to think about it. I don't like, beyond not feeling well, you don't like going out there and not playing up to the standard that you are used to, so it is difficult to say. But, got to think about it.


Q. Two matches in a row where Pete has beaten you in straight sets. Do you think it is more because of your form in general, Stuttgart match as well, or how do you see that? How do you feel about that, and why do you think that is happening?

ANDRE AGASSI: I think he is playing pretty well.


Q. How do you react to the crowd, the way the crowd reacted to you?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, it is hard to blame them, really. I wasn't playing very well, so, I felt worse than they did, I guarantee you.


Q. When did this come on, first of all, the problem?

ANDRE AGASSI: The day before I left to come here, I postponed coming here that day, then the travel over here didn't make it any better.


Q. Where were you, in Vegas?



Q. How would you describe the way you played since the U.S. Open, in general?



Q. Do you have any reasons for that?



Q. What are you planning to do at the moment, as far as the start of next year is concerned?

ANDRE AGASSI: I am still trying to put together my thoughts for this week, you know.


Q. Coming back, though, this year, how disappointing is it to finish this year the way you are finishing now?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, it is pretty disappointing.


Q. Andre, could you come back to Germany for the Grand Slam Cup, is that still on?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, I mean, that is certainly still on the plan. I have been looking forward to that one, but got to see; I got to get my physical back to good health and then go from there. I am sure I will be able to be back here.

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